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Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager – CA

Position: Business Development Manager

Reports to: Director / Vice President


SBHIS Insurance Services is an insurance agency dedicated exclusively to helping Medicare beneficiaries find the plan that best suits their needs, all our services are free of charge.  Our company’s mission is simple, we believe in “Making Medicare Easier,” and everything we do revolves around this.  Our company’s core values require that we treat everyone with care and integrity.  Our values support a culture that is innovative, diverse, and quickly adapts to change.


A Business Development Manager (BDM) is a caring and energetic individual passionate about serving seniors, understanding their healthcare needs, and improving their quality of life. The BDM is responsible for developing business opportunities for their teams within their assigned territories. He/ She will be responsible for developing the overall strategy for the region that includes recruiting, retaining, and developing the staff. The BDM will be responsible for the office revenue goals and performance.  They are expected to maintain high-level relationships with the medical groups, health plans sales leadership, and provider offices within their defined territory.

BDM embraces and lives the company’s mission, vision, and values. She/He will walk the talk and is considered an integral part of the SBHIS family.  You are crucial in the implementation of company-wide initiatives.  As one of our leaders, you are tasked with ensuring that our brand promise, “Excellence in Service with Heart,” is delivered at every encounter.

The following key duties and accountabilities ensure the critical success of this position:

  • 10% (4 hours per week) – Design and develop strategic plans and execution strategies to ensure that all goals and metrics are met, initiatives completed, and financial goals delivered
  • Develop and communicate a compelling and inspiring long-term vision and a sense of purpose for the region in partnership with the Director of Business Development or VP
  • Develop a strategic plan to highlight quarterly, yearly and three-year goals, initiatives, and projects to reach these goals profitability.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the region and making appropriate changes to ensure all goals and initiatives are met promptly
  • As the region leader, you must articulate the mission, vision, and values while inspiring team members in the right direction and drive the business forward
  • Be accountable for delivering short-term and long-term results that include strong recruitment of career and HPS agents, strong enrollments, and retention


  • 40% (16 hours per week) As the region’s leader, ensure that the team works cohesively and consistently while driving a culture of accountability, innovation, employee, stakeholder, and customer focus.
  • Recruit, retain, and manage a team that effectively drives the region’s strategic objectives and goals
  • Mentor and coach all staff that includes Health Plan Specialists, Provider Relation specialists (PRS), administrative coordinators, and career agents, etc.
  • Lead, coordinate and manage the team and HQ operations staff so that departments and individuals work together to fulfill the vision. This includes:
    • Hiring and leading the right team
    • Setting and monitoring SMART goals and providing support to ensure that they meet all the goals promptly.
    • Motivating, coaching, and providing development opportunities enable them to handle increased responsibility as the business grows.
    • Identify High Potential employees, develop coaching plans and lead succession planning in the organization
  • Facilitate, coordinate, and communicate on an ongoing basis with Regional Directors, other BDMs, and corporate functional leaders to share and learn best practices for enhancing individual and team productivity
  • Encourage and build a culture of innovation where all employees are constantly reevaluating and reinventing processes and services to meet the everchanging needs of the customers
  • Embodies and inculcates a cultural thirst for internally inspired change for serving the customers


  • 20% (8 hours per week) Drive community outreach and lead the branding efforts to ensure high visibility in the region
    • As the chief ambassador of the region, communicate, inspire and drive confidence and faith among all stakeholders; employees, customers, suppliers, senior community, medical groups, and health plan teams, and SBHIS HQ staff
  • Drive business-building opportunities through developing relationships with medical groups, health plan sales teams, and senior citizens focused outreach programs and community events.
    • Create a yearly marketing plan for each agent
    • Create a yearly marketing plan for each medical office that we work with
  • Proactively recruit “Career Agents” to ensure all enrollment goals are met.
  • Create a highly participative and positive culture that attracts the best employees and agents and motivates them to stay and grow with SBHIS
  • Measure and monitor customer and community stakeholders’ satisfaction levels and lead corrective actions when required


  • 20% (8 hours per week) Be the champion for Fiscal Responsibilities and Risk Management and ensure that the region is always poised for growth while minimizing risks.
  • Provide oversight to ensure compliant broker behavior, marketing, and enrollments
  • All inquiries MUST be acknowledged and responded to within 24 hours of initial contact
  • With the assistance of the Finance /operations leader, establish a budget and oversee investment planning and implementation to deliver on the strategic goals successfully.
  • Establish the region’s budget and oversee all significant expenditures and initiatives.
  • 10% (4 hours per week) Be the Region’s Change Advocate and lead the sharing and execution of internal and external Best Practices, including ongoing training, webinars, ride-along, mock presentations, and team meetings.
  • Take the lead and embrace CANI – Continuous and Never Ending Improvement to constantly gain new skills and train others in the region to grow other team members successfully
  • Be the region’s top knowledgeable person regarding plans and services offered by SBHIS
  • Takes an active role and participates in scheduled team activities and company training
  • Be the region’s change champion and set the tone for change in areas of culture, products, services, and direction to ensure the region is poised for long-term growth and stability
  • Study and monitor the related markets and regions to identify growth opportunities and nurture them to bring them to fruition.
  • Actively source and share best practices internally and externally to capitalize and serve customers and stakeholders profitably.



  • Recruit a minimum of one Career/Independent agent per month
  • Track and review early cancellations, rapid dis-enrollments, and CTMs
  • Number of lead generation activities per month
  • Visit a minimum of 20 providers per month
  • Meet with medical groups once a month
  • Meets with PRS once a month


  1. Current Life & Health Insurance License for their State
  2. Must be up to date with ALL certifications and testing
  3. College preferred but not required
  4. Sales experience highly desirable
  5. Bilingual skills
  6. Reliable transportation and clean driving record
  7. Must clear background check
  8. Positive attitude
  9. Dependable team player
  10. Exemplary attendance
  11. Consistency in effort and performance



  1. BDM are not allowed to directly sell to prospects
  2. ALL appointments with the Health Plans to sell Medicare products must be under SBHIS
  3. BDM must be appointed with ALL Health Plans the company is contracted with
  4. While working under SBHIS, BDM cannot sell another insurance product.

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