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New Enrollment Process

DocuSign Paperless Enrollment

Attention Valued Partner:

This time of uncertainty is unprecedented, and helping beneficiaries navigate their healthcare choices is even more important than ever. Our industry has been presented with challenges and new opportunities to innovate. As a result, we are excited to introduce a way to enroll members into WellCare plans without agents and members being face-to-face.

DocuSign Paperless Enrollment Benefits:

  • Is a compliant way to capture the Scope of Appointment and complete an enrollment application without direct contact
  • Ensures that both beneficiary and agent are maintaining social distancing guidelines
  • Allows those that we serve to make healthcare decisions while staying safe
  • Allows agents to continue to serve the as a trusted advisor in their communities

DocuSign Paperless Enrollment Access:

  • Click here for the DocuSign 2020 SOA Form
  • Click here for the DocuSign 2020 CCP Enrollment Application
  • Click here for the DocuSign 2020 PDP Enrollment Application
  • Click here for the DocuSign 2020 C-SNP CCP Enrollment Application
  • Click here for the DocuSign 2020 PFFS Enrollment Application
  • DocuSign Paperless Enrollment can also be accessed in Agent Connect, by selecting Enrollment Materials in the left-side menu.

DocuSign Paperless Enrollment Resources:

DocuSign Paperless Enrollment Steps:

Before the Application:

  • Capture a Scope of Appointment (SOA) – A SOA can be obtained using the DocuSign Paperless SOA Form located in the portal or by calling the AVL Line.
  • If the member has Medicaid or LIS, be sure to call the SPOP line to verify eligibility.
  • Email the Summary of Benefits, Star Ratings Document, and Comprehensive Formulary for the plan you are going to cover to the beneficiary. This is REQUIRED prior to beginning the enrollment application in DocuSign.
  • Complete a thorough and compliant sales presentation by phone, including discussing plan premiums, preventive services, hospital, ER, ambulance, supplemental, and Part D drug coverage (if applicable). (This call does not have to be recorded.)
  • Gain confirmation that the beneficiary is ready to enroll.

Enrollment Application:

  1. Start application for CCP, C-SNP, PFFS or PDP via DocuSign. The application should be completed while on the phone with the beneficiary, but this call does not have to be recorded.
  2. Enter your name and email and the beneficiary s name and email in the form. Verify the members email is correct before moving to the application form.
  3. Ask the beneficiary all questions that are included in the application and record their response via DocuSign.
  4. Complete the new member checklist. The check list in not required but is strongly encouraged.
  5. Once the application and new member checklist is entirety filled out, click Finish and the application will automatically be sent to the beneficiary for review and signature. Download and save a copy of the application PDF for your records.
  6. Provide the beneficiary with the access code wc2020 for the beneficiary to access the DocuSign link that will be sent via email.
  7. Be sure to review the application with the beneficiary, and ensure all questions are answered before instructing the beneficiary to sign the application.
  8. Instruct the beneficiary to sign the application and the new member checklist if applicable.
  9. Once the beneficiary has signed, the application will come back to the agent for final signature and acceptance. Download and save a copy of the application PDF for your records.
  10. When the agent has signed and finished the application, a copy will go to the agent, to the beneficiary, and to WellCare enrollment team for processing.

Note: If the beneficiary is applying for a C-SNP plan, the CSNP Docusign application must be completed. This application includes the enrollment application, the new member checklist and the C-SNP verification form. .

As always, thank you for all that you do to transform the health of our communities and your dedication to underserved and vulnerable populations. You are making a difference and you are relied upon more than you may realize.

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